Anthony + Christina

An exotic location wedding in Mexico.

Anthony and Christina invited us to photograph their special day, in Mexico! It would be in mid-November, so they had to choose a warm, exotic, and yet full service location – Mexico at the Hacienda Uayamon in Campeche.
We discussed in depth about the style of photography, the poses, her dress and his suit, and matched our photography to their style.
We agreed that more posed couple photos framed by the natural beauty of the hacienda would be the best use of the location, and all other photos were to be done naturally to capture the moment unobtrusively.

Digital, 120mm Medium Format film, ceremony video, Polaroid Wide Format Guestbook so they could remember the smell of the flowers of the estate and the taste of habanero salsa on tacos.

"Brillas" by León Larregui.

November 22, 2015
Hacienda Uayamon
Campeche, Mexico