Sunday Pancakes

When your kid starts to say “No me do it!” – then it’s the perfect time to find ways to include them into household activities. Here’s one perfectly safe – yet very messy – Sunday breakfast you can do with your toddler.

First get them into a good working outfit. Then get out your flour, baking powder, salt, white sugar, milk, an egg, and butter. You’ll also need a REALLY big bowl, and a large flat pan to cook the pancakes.

If you are a good student here are all the ingredients ahead of time
1.5 cups flour
3.5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
1.25 cups milk
1 egg
3 tbsp butter melted
If not just follow the steps and wing it.

Measure out about 1.5 cups of flour with your tot. Use whatever flour you got – all purpose flour, wheat flour, hippie organic flour, gluten free flour … June always starts it off with tiny spoonfuls but gets bored eventually so I’ll finish up.

Next let your kid dump in 3.5 tsp of baking powder into the flour and stir it together.

“All done?” – no not yet! We got plenty more steps to go.

Next is a spoonful of sugar and a “two.. five .. seven!” counts of salt. (that’s how June counts right now … don’t judge her she is two)

And tip me over into the REALLY big bowl!

Your kid will probably dunk their hands right on in. At this point of no return – it will get messy, but that’s the point! You can tell your kid to notice the texture of the dry flour and how it will change in the following steps.

In another bowl, pour out 1.25 cups of milk, crack in an egg, and mix in 3 tbsp of butter.

Obviously on the melted butter moment – best that you handle that .. fire and all …

Pour that into the REALLY big bowl of flour mix. You will probably notice that those little hands go right into the bowl again! Mix it all up. Kids find this step hilarious cause it really starts to get messy. (as your kid is having fun, start heating up the pan on medium heat, it should be really really warm before you start to cook)

Now a word on texture, if it’s all mixed up and your kids hands come out wet and semi-clean like this, then you should add some flour to thicken it up.

Ah perfect! When their little paws come out covered thick, then we are ready to go!

Rub some butter on the pre-warmed pan and pour out small circles of pancake batter. This is where the art happens, as it is about channeling your inner pancake senses to know when to flip them over. And as you may have guessed, send off your little tot to clean up and leave you to the rest.

Your first pancakes … always are ugly. Accept it, move on, it gets better don’t worry.

After your first batch you will probably start to see that the pancakes brown evenly and nicely! Horray! Aim for a light brown color to give it a satisfying unnoticeable but very important crunch. Once you flip them over push down on each one for a few seconds to squeeze out the air bubbles.

And serve them up! Of course, the classic choice is real Canadian Maple Sryup … mmmm mmmm maple syrup. Don’t do the fake stuff that’s mostly just corn syrup. If your family is French like mine put down some berry based confiture and they’ll love it calling it a thick crepe.

June loved them so much she wanted to tell her baby sister how good they were!

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