Diem + Delphine

We are thrilled to show you the wedding of Diem​ and Delphine – in video!
Wondering how we got to this style? After meeting Diem at her place to chit chat – and seeing the old school Polaroids, record players, and fujifilm cameras (which would lead to a wonderful fuji friendship!) we experimented and landed on a combination of several cameras and techniques – sometimes retro iPhone apps, and sometimes filming with our lenses removed from the camera.

A little word from Diem et Delphine about us on sur le blog Un Beau Jour : (translated from their lovely text in French)

“We had chosen the super and talented, Jason and Martine of The Tamarind Tree. We love videos, and dreamed of a beautiful video for our wedding. But it was really really hard to find someone who fit our style. Most of them use too much slow motion where you only see the bride and groom … we totally found it too cliché.
We wanted a video that retold our day, our family, our friends. A friend recommended us to a very nice French American couple – and when we looked at their site they had very beautiful wedding photos but … no wedding videos (now, of course, there is ours!) Just some mini documentaries that were well filmed (the kinds we like!)
Their style fit us, and by chance they were available too! We love the results.”

Cecile + Olivier

Emma + Chris

Harrison + Jehanne

Harrison (North East China) and Jehanne (Belgium) are pillars in the Beijing design community. Harrison grew up during the Cultural Revolution where his larger than life personality was picked to perform acting and opera in the army. Jehanne chose 15 years ago to devote her life to oriental art and left her privileged upbringing to move to China. They live in an ancient Ming dynasty temple where they transmit their unique philosophy to their children Genghis and Nour. Besides their regular crafts in filmmaking, furniture design and jewelry design, they work together as a living bicultural bridge in their interior design studio where they create lifestyles for people to enjoy.

AJ + Natalie

AJ and Natalie are an English Chinese intercultural couple who met on the streets of Beijing. This film explores their unique relationship and has a touching ending as Natalie meets AJ’s parents during Chinese New Years.

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