Nico + Ken

Ken and Nico are today’s uber cutting edge modern couple! So ahead with the latest trends, it’s a bit of a mystery how they met! #jk Their ceremony was streamed live around the world as the first couple of their friends who made it through meeting online. Instagram, of course. #FATE We met Ken and Nico at the wedding of Diem and Delphine and arranged to do the photography, photobooth, and video for their day. Nico, from France, met Ken in Tokyo and after several years of living the #blessed life, decided to get hitched on a super sunny August day in an ideal French chateau in Toulouse where Nico was raised – even if Madonna and Kylie could not make it. Nico and Ken, #KENICO, rented a gorgeous Airbnb in downtown Toulouse where they prepared themselves with Kiehl’s, Shiseido, Monocle, and Serge Lutens – Nico in his Stan Smith’s and Ken in his traditional Japanese wooden shoes. Their band of friends gathered (looking very lovely!) at the apartment and walked over through the terra-cotta brick streets of Toulouse to be officially married at the town hall. With matching Louis Vuitton bags – the two newlyweds jumped into their antique convertible getaway car waving goodbye to everyone as they zipped off to the Domaine de Montjoie. They chose to heed off the hunger with huge mouth-watering burgers from Les Mecs au Camion when Sisho, their Japanese Shiba dog, sent a text – congratulations ‘wan wan’ #I love you# daisuki#hayaku aitai#! And off Kenico went for their civil ceremony under a 400 year old tree in the garden of the estate. They exchanged their Boucheron rings (carried in a coffee grinder!) in front of their friends and family who were so honored to be witnessing the two begin their journey together. Chuu is Bisous!

“at last I finally need you, come come come, towards me”

The Guys : Customed designed suits
Flowers : Flower Room
Venue : Domaine de Montjoie
Food Truck : Les Mecs au Camion
DJ : Julien Rafeno
Cake and Cookies : Best pastry friends Stephanie Morris and Ikuko Nakano

July 16,2016
Toulouse, France