Pascal + Sophie

From a quiet village in the snowy Swiss alps – Pascal and Sophie planned to envoy their friends and family to Sophie’s hometown island of La RĂ©union in the Indian Ocean to celebrate their lives together. We all knew it was going to be an amazing trip when on their invitation card it said : Don’t forget your swimsuit and flip flops! Pascal and Sophie love nature. Both French but now living in Switzerland, going back to RĂ©union with the amazing natural landscape allowed them to also spend time apart from the wedding taking their friends and family canyoning, hiking in volcanos, scuba diving, and hang gliding. Sophie’s day started exactly from that history – putting on her wedding dress in the room she grew up in on the mountains of Saint Denis, where her brother drove her to the historical city hall to get hitched with a standup gentleman Pascal – accompanied by his band of boys (which we won’t mention what happened in Krakow … ehem ehem) Where after a solid “Oui!” drove off in a vintage Citroen 2CV6 to do photos in a magical coconut forest. We love it when elements of tradition are mixed with today’s modern weddings – and we felt a true connection to them and their parents during their traditional tea ceremony. Some would call it crazy but June (our daughter) came with us to be the little almost two years old ring bearer (we practiced a lot at home!). During the ceremony as she was playing with the rings we heard a tiny “splash!” in the pool – everyone gasped and someone said, “the rings!” Of course it was a joke and June shuffled over to Pascal and Sophie with their rings tied to a starfish. We imagine, in perhaps 8 years, our little tribe will be our assistants in this family business. Until then, off to the beach!

Him : Palenzo // LIP // Le Colonel Moutarde
Her :
Zeit // Mme Tea Dress Hanger – Alibaba // Tand3M
Video : Fabrice Lau
The Guys : Alibaba
Graphics : Made for the invitations by Sophie (we love these btw! and she’s totally available to make little drawing for your wedding too.)
Organization + Deco : Emmanuelle
The Place : LUX Saint Gilles
Band : Matthieu Brillant

07 Oct 2016
Reunion Island