Surzhana + Ben

A sight in a Beijing Bar that ends up on Normandie’s beach! We were so honored to be at the wedding of our good friends Surzhana and Ben as they gathered 40 of their closest friends and family from as far as Ulan-Ude to the so small Normandy beachside town, Lion-sur-Mer, at the infamous Villa Louis. Ben, the Frenchman of the duo, chose this location for not only it’s incredible vintage decor but for the fact they could walk from the house directly onto the beach ceremony to say “I-Do!”. We’ve known Surzhana for years when Martine first photographed her in Beijing. She designed her and Ben’s outfits for the wedding and her Siberian-Russian Buryat family aided in creative touches that made this truly special, such as the traditional outfits used to symbolize the two joining the family, to the handmade napkins, to the heart moving traditional songs sang by the grandfather. It was a perfect intimate wedding, highlighted by emotional gestures of love for two amazing people celebrating their life together.

“… to all our tribes for the laughs, the smelling pickles contest, the flying wishes launch -and the failed ones-, the search for the lost sea, making dance the bear, ordering shooting stars, training crabs, the cream, butter, cream, butter, cream,…” – Ben

"Ole Jørn Myklebust, Namgar Lhasaranova - My Winters Day" sang by the omni-talented aunt of Surzhana, and played for their entrance music.
Him and Her: Surzhana
Location : The Villa Louis
Music and Dance : Namgar Lkhasaranova
August 13th 2016
Villa Louis, Lion-sur-Mer, France